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Ameritas dental Put out and that’s ridiculous for a couple of reasons first your accumulated savings should be measured against what you spend not what you earn measuring your accumulated savings against what you earn carries the implicit assumption that you spend most of.

Ameritas dental
Ameritas dental

What you make but why would you assume that so let’s break that correlation and let’s compare accumulated savings as a multiple of your spending not as a multiple of your earnings that’s the first issue with Fidelity’s guidelines but even if.

We set that aside there’s another problem it presents this one-size-fits-all formula that doesn’t apply to the nuances of each person’s specific situation and so sure if you graduated at the age of and immediately started working with a starting salary of , at .

The age of and you had no major interruptions in your job history you never had an extended layoff or you never took time off to have children or take care of an elderly parent or grandparent and also if you only had moderate student loans and you never had a major medical illness and nobody ever sued you and you never tried to start a business.

That failed or you never got a divorce or maybe made the decision at the age of to go back to school those are the things that happen to interrupt that roadmap and so when you go online and you see these one-size-fits-all road maps .

That say that by the age of X you should have saved why throw it out the window because those generalized one-size-fits-all guidelines only apply to an incredibly narrow set of textbook example circumstances in fact this hypothetical year old.

who starts work right after graduating from college and has a clean uninterrupted life I don’t know if that person even exists or